Our Approach

Connecting Independent Talent with Social Good Organizations

Nonprofit organizations and social ventures need traditional management consulting services but also access to individuals with specialized knowledge of social change and the social issues they are seeking to address. This can lead to endless searches, limited word of mouth referrals and missed connections between the independent talent qualified to support social good organizations and the organizations in need. 

Benefits to Consultants

  • Ease of finding consulting opportunities
  • Screening of project scope prior to contracting
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Access to current research to stay up to date on the issues facing social good organizations
  • Networking with other independent consultants and social good organizations
  • Verification and marketing of consultant skills and services

Benefits to Clients

  • One stop resource for consultants and trainers for a variety of projects and services
  • Consultants with experience and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for organizations operating in the social sector
  • Trainers and facilitators for internal and external training and events
  • Connections with researchers and experts on social issues
  • Complimentary strategy sessions to determine project scope and need
  • Ability to submit fee based and pro bono projects for consideration by a global network of consultants.¬†